Round Robins – come out and play, all members welcome!- YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE UNDER WEEKLY SIGN UP PROGRAMS, NO WALK UPS! 

The round robins are a big favourite amongst our members. They are a great way to just turn up and get a game. Our tennis pros  will set you up to play doubles with three other people of around the same ability. After half an hour, everyone rotates and plays with new partners. The play is always lively, but the objective is to have fun, meet people, and get some good tennis.

Many of our members have been coming to round robins for years, but they are also very popular with new members who are getting to know the club for the first time. 

We have two weekly round robins throughout the 2020 season, the first one will be run on-TBD


Tuesday Afternoons  1-2:30pm
Wednesday Evenings  7-8:30pm

How it works


Please note that weekly bookings close for the following: 

Daytime Round Robins: Mondays at 12pm -Maximum of 16 Participants per week

Evening Round Robins: Tuesdays at 8pm-Maximum of 16 Participants per week

On arriving at the club, tell the tennis pro on-duty that you are here for the Round Robin and give your name. The tennis pro assigns players to the courts. All courts are used. If more than 16 players show up, then the first round must be prebooked online. 

Every 1/2 hour players rotate. The supervisor calls everyone in and reassigns players to new courts.

The pro tries to set up the groups with the following in mind:

  1. Put players of similar levels together BUT at the same time try  to mix up the players so that the groups are different each round as much as possible.
  2. Check with the players to see if anyone is leaving before the next round, and then work out the match-ups before the round begins, in order to avoid delays.

Players should recognize that they might end up from time to time in groups with mixed ability.


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to sign up for the round robins. There is no skill level requirement, but the ability to get serves in (at least some) is important to make the games work.


The Round Robins tends to fill up fast so prebook now.  However the numbers drop off  as people go away, so don't be discouraged! A good idea is to arrive early (15 min or so to check in with the pro ).