Guest Fee Policy : 


  • Guest Fee: $10 must be paid online-We are NOT Accepting cash at the clubhouse.   (**No playing guest shall be permitted to play until the playing fee has been paid )
  • Guests who are invited to TPTC by a current member are responsible for any guest they bring to our club. 
  • Members or guests  found in violation of this or any other policy may lose their privileges to play at our club. 
  • Guests are allowed to play as guests up to Six (6) times per season.
  • All guests must check in at the clubhouse  and sign the Guest Waiver when they arrive at the Club. This allows us to know who is on the premises in case of an emergency and to insure that all players are off premises when the Club is closing.
  •  Your Guest names must match the court booking system, if the guest name is not registered or matches in our system, you and your guest  will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Guests cannot partake in the round robins. 
  • Clubhouse staff can not book or change your guests over the phone and in person, you must do this online. If you need help please email us at
  • All guest fees are non-refundable
  • Guests must observe the same rules and etiquette as regular members. 


Guest Policy for Non Members

If you are not a member of Thorncliffe Park Tennis Club, and not a guest of a Member, but wish
to book a court, you can call the Club Monitor or walk-up to the clubhouse and ask the Club
Monitor if the time you are looking for is available. If the court is available, you can pay online
using either credit card or e-transfer payments. We do NOT accept cash.

1. You will need to provide the Club Monitor with your credit card information so that they
can enter it into our system to pre-authorize your payment. Credit card information will
not be stored on our system.
2. E-transfer the guest fee to and the Club Monitor will check our email
box to ensure the e-transfer has been completed.
One the guest fees have been paid, the Club Monitor will book the court for you and ask you t0
sign the guest waiver at the Club. There will be no refunds for guest fees paid.
Guest fees are $10.00 per player.



  1. Private and group lessons can arrive at the club 10 mins before your lesson. 
  2. Non-member players are required to arrive 10 mins before your lesson. 
  3. Please use the walkways to get to your court – do not cut across the courts.
  4. TPTC is not responsible for lost items.​

Guest Bookings

To book a court with a guest with a member, all members must do the following:

  1. Log into:
  2. Select Members Area
  3. Follow the login instructions
  4. After your successful login, select "Book a Court" under the Tennis Court Booking heading
  5. Under "Player 2, 3 or 4", you must type in the words "Guest Player"
  6. Fill out the guest information 
  7. Pay the Guest Fee
  8. Select "Book The Court"
  9. An email confirmation will be sent after you've successfully booked the court