I am new to TPTC and/or new to tennis, will I be able to find partners to play with?
TPTC hosts many events throughout the season to assist players in getting to know one another.  Our really popular Tuesday daytime  and Wednesday night socials bring out all levels of players and many find friends to play with during the balance of the week.  There are also Ladders, Tournaments and Special Events all geared to assist you to meet and play with people you may not otherwise get to know.

Do I or my child need to be a member to take lessons?-
Currently we have a promotion that a junior will get a free membership ( $70 Value) if they register for any junior programs. Parents do not need to be members to play with their at the club however you will need to pay a guest fee to play at our club with your child,  which is $10 per visit.

You also do not need to be an adult member to take lessons at our club. We offer lessons to Non-Members. 

What do I require for tennis?
Proper tennis attire and footwear are required. A comfortable pair of tennis shoes. Sunscreen and a hat or visor is recommended when it’s sunny! You must bring bringing your own personal filled water bottle in addition to ensure that you stay hydrated. The club sells tennis balls at the front desk, and balls are provided for socials and round robins.-NOT SELLING TENNIS BALLS OR WATER  DUE TO COVID 19  We provide stringing services in our pro shop upon requests.

How do I make suggestions to the Board of Directors?
Talk to the club manager or monitor on duty, talk to a Board member, email the board at email any individual Board member.  Speak up at the Annual General Meeting in October.  This is your club, communicate to help improve it.

Can I get private or group lessons at TPTC?
Private and group lessons are scheduled directly with our Pro’s.  Please see the “Lessons” section on this website under the “Play” category for further detail.  Or ask for them at the clubhouse and they will assess your needs in person.


How do I book court?

How far in advance can I book for Court 6?
You can book all courts  7 days in advance.  For example, on Monday at 9am bookings will open for the following Sunday.  To make it easier for you, the Online Booking tool only shows the dates you can book. 

What if I am rained out, do i have to cancel?
Your reservation will be cancelled by the court monitor once he/she has determined that your court is impacted and you will be automatically notified.  If you have not received a cancellation, that means that you’re still expected to show up for your court (see Rule about no-shows).

Can I pre-book my ladder matches?
Ladder players will have to find a mutually convenient time to play and ensure they have the booking room. 

Can I book before or after my team match?-NO TEAM MATCHES DUE TO COVID19
Yes but you will need to see the court monitor to book a court and if a court is available.

What if a team match goes long and I have the 9pm court booked?-NO TEAM MATCHES DUE TO COVID19
The court monitor will endeavor to assign you a free court, but team play has priority (see Rule about booking courts after a Team Match).  Teams will do their best to start on time but members should book the court understanding that there is a chance they may start late.

Can I book for 2 consecutive hours? No, bookings may not be made consecutively. You can book one hour and then see if there are any open courts afterwards as a walk on. Or you can book 1pm-2pm and 3-4pm but you can’t book 2-3pm.

What if my partner doesn’t have the booking but I do? You must wait until both parties have the available booking room.

What if the court monitor is not available to check in with for my booked court? Wait until the time of your booking, and proceed to your booked court

What if the courts are empty, can I walk on, regardless of my upcoming bookings? See the court monitor who will verify what courts are available and assign you a court on a “first come, first served” basis.-NO WALK ONS DUE TO COVID 19, YOU MUST BOOK YOUR COURT ONLINE

Can I book a court for myself to practice serving? No, you must have two names to book a court. If you would like to practice serving, best to speak to the court monitor or email the club to see if there are any non-peak times to practice your serve.

What do I do if someone has booked a court in my name but I didn’t agree to it? Call or email club immediately and report this to the court monitor so it doesn’t count against your booking. Upon verification, the court will then be cancelled.

Can I make a booking with a guest?ONLY MEMBERS CAN BRING A GUEST.