TPTC Tennis Starter Program

The Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood is a transitional neighbourhood where lots of new immigrants find their first home in Canada. It is also home to the largest elementary school in all of North America, and as a result, the need for affordable sports and recreational programming for children is very high. To address this need, the Thorncliffe Public School, Thorncliffe Park Tenants Association, Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office and the Thorncliffe Park Tennis Club have partnered up to create affordable tennis lesson programs for local children.

Our goal is to let children in our community experience the game of tennis. Nothing makes a child happier than to hold their own tennis racquet. 

We have been lucky in the past to have recieved subsidies from  Canadian Tire Jumpstart grants and special friends of our club and community. As these programs are done each year, volunteers from the local tenants association and the tennis club are working hard to find follow-up funding to include more children in this program.

The demand for this program is extremely high and the lessons are very popular with the children. Ideally, we would like to run several hundred children through this program. Obtaining proper levels of funding will be very critical to maintain and expand the entire program.

Most recently we held a Camp with TNO and Tennis Canada.

Our next step will be to explore funding possibilities from local service clubs, private donations as well as corporate sponsors. If you would like to contribute to this program and have any funding ideas, please contact us at