We are committed to making learning tennis affordable and fun. Together with our club pro,s we have developed a wide offering of programs that will help you improve your tennis skills, whether you are a complete novice or an experienced tennis player.
Our lesson program which will include a variety of multi-week learning programs:
Adult Programs:
We welcome adults of all ages and ability levels to come and join one of our adult tennis programs. No matter your skill level, you will have fun, meet some new people, and get fit in our programs, which are designed to enhance your game. 
Clinics will be offered on Monday to Thursday nights  starting the first week of May.
Please check out our rates and sign up at the following link: Tennis Lessons 
  • Beginner clinics-This is an hour and half lessons for four weeks,, where the focus is on developing form and technique of all strokes. We will also work on using these strokes in live ball drills as well as singles and doubles point play.
  • Intermediate clinics- This is an hour and half lessons for four weeks, where the focus is designed for players who play regularly and in competitive situations. Focus on areas that may be weaknesses in your overall game. 
  • Doubles Drills for Beginners and Intemediates-High Tempo - Up tempo, point-based clinic that will keep you moving. Working mostly on doubles skills. 5-1 ratio
  • Cardio tennis-is a high energy fitness that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. 
Junior Lessons 
The Junior Lesson Program is a comprehensive course that is scheduled throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall on Saturday Mornings. 
Please check out our rates and sign up at the following link: Tennis Lessons 
Red Ball program is for children ages 5 - 9. Children play independently and learn to exchange with one another through fun and engaging cooperative games that will prepare them for future competitive play.
The program builds on the 5 fundamentals of tennis (grip, set up, impact point, hitting zone & recovery) for skills sets including rallying, volleying and serving.
Orange program is for children ages 9-12. Progressing from red ball or starting tennis for the first time, players use an orange low compression ball and play on 3/4 size court.
Afterschool Programs-Starting in April,  every Junior registered  in our afterschool program , will automatically get a Junior Membership to our club ( $70 Value) 
To get more personal attention, you will also be able sign up for private, semi-private, 3-person and 4-person lessons. In addition, we will be running special single-day clinics that will focus on specific tennis skills.

Please contact us by e-mail . if you have any questions regarding our lesson program. We wish you lots of fun while you improve your tennis....